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The Best Festivals Of The Yucatán Peninsula

They say there is always a reason to celebrate and the Mexicans seem to take this very seriously. With parades, street fairs and other festivities taking place year-round, you will always find a place to dance, eat, and witness Mexican culture at its best. Here are 7 of the best festivals of the Yucatán Peninsula!

1. Carnival
Carnival is celebrated in a big part of the world and Mexico, including the Yucatán Peninsula, is no exception. With parades, music, fireworks and other festive activities, almost every city in the country will have something to offer, but the biggest events in the region can be found in Cozumel and Mérida. Dates vary each year.

2. Spring and Fall Equinox
The Chichén Itzá is a must-see all year round, but when you visit the region either the 21st and 22nd of March or the 21st and 22nd of September, you’ll be able to witness the Spring or Fall Equinox respectively. On the date that night and day are equally long, the Temple of Kukulkán aligns with the sun and at that moment the shadow makes a body for the carved snake’s head at the base of the pyramid. The ancient legend claims that at that point the earth is fertilised.

3. Día de la Marina (Navy Day)
Día de la Marina, or in English ‘Navy Day’ takes place on June 1st. Although it’s a national event, the places to witness the festivities are the coastal towns. Each town has its own rituals, but usually you will find sport fishing tournaments, sailing competitions, ceremonies, parades and fireworks.

Mexico Independence Day

4. Independence Day
Being so happy to be independent from Spain, the Mexicans don’t take one but even two days to remember. On September 15, the president as well as local mayors give speeches; on the 16th, every town will have a parade with both government and civilians showing their pride for Mexico. You will find the national colours everywhere around you during this day!

5. Festival de las Aves de Yucatán (Annual Yucatán Bird Festival)
The Yucatán peninsula has an incredible variety of bird species which are not only unique for bird-watching enthusiasts, but with all their different colours also mesmerising for others. The ‘TOH’ festival takes place each year in November and offers tours, workshops and photography competitions. Especially the tours will not only show you the most beautiful birds; it’s also the perfect way to discover more of Yucatán’s incredible nature in general. Precise dates vary each year.

6. Revolution Day
If you visit the country on November 20, you will witness the Mexican Revolution Day, remembering the nation’s revolution from the early 20th century. Throughout the entire country you will find speeches, rodeos, parades and other patriotic events.

7. Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe
December 12th is the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This nationwide event is celebrated in every town throughout the country. You will see children dressing up, street fairs, dancing and fireworks.

Visiting Yucatán during a different time of the year? Don’t worry! There’s always a reason to celebrate and we would be happy to inform you about the festivities going on during your stay.

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